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Ribbon Helper for Office 1.00

Ribbon Helper for Office 1.00: Mouse Moves Over to Expand Ribbon Tabs and Classic Menu Without Clicks click, just move mouse over tabs to bring the Ribbon Tabs to front. No click, just move mouse over menus to drop down the Classic Menus. Save your mouse click finger now! Do you have a feeling that your forefinger aches because you take too many clicks while using computer? Do you need any keyboard shortcuts to in place of clicks to relieve this pain? You`ll save endless clicks with your mouse when you are using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 with

Glass Window 2.0.0: Program to make transparent any windows and programs in Windows
Glass Window 2.0.0

Click Over the Glass Window 2 Taskbar Icon, drag your mouse over the window/program and then relase the mouse buton 2.- To remove the transparency effect of any window/program you must press SHIFT, Click Over the Glass Window 2 Taskbar Icon, drag your mouse over the window/program and then relase the mouse button and the SHIFT Key 3.- To control the transparency level of any Window/Program you must press CONTROL, Click Over the Glass Window 2 Taskbar

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1-Klick Duplikat Löschen f. Outlook 1.04: remove duplicate calendar items/contacts/e_mails with with a single click...
1-Klick Duplikat Löschen f. Outlook 1.04

Deletes double contact entries, calendar items, mails with just one mouse click. Contacts aren`t only deleted, they`re merged, taking the best data from each contact into one new contact. Plus: You can undo everything! In oneclick-mode one single mouse click is enough and the double objects are safely recognized and pushed into the recycle bin. No more dialogs o. confirmations. Go, get it!

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AI Robot 4.0: An amazingly easy-to-use software that automates repetitive tasks quickly.
AI Robot 4.0

mouse and keyboard. All our input comes from mouse movement, mouse clicks and keyboard key presses. AI Robot helps you automate mouse movement, mouse click and keyboard key presses. So you just need to tell AI Robot what to do step by step, then AI Robot will run all these steps automatically, and repetitively. It also allows you to record your mouse and keyboard actions and then generate robot form there, so that you can repeat the whole process

automation, automate, robot, auto mouse click

Admit One 1.52: Enable and disable all Windows access password prompts with just one mouse click
Admit One 1.52

Admit One lets you enable and disable all Windows access password prompts with one mouse click. Relax security at home - enable full security with one click when on the go. Great for desktop PC`s as well where privacy and security are needed. Instead of working your way thru a dozen different Windows dialogs, Admit One conveniently lets you enable or disable all passwords prompts with just one mouse click. Admit One - don`t leave home without it!

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Wave Alive 1.3 XP

Play sound with 3d effects on press key of keyboard or click mouse. This makes the process of typing more interesting, amuses, reduces stress, and helps encourage more rhythmical. Wave Alive includes three customizable sound schemes (Animals/Weapons/TypeWriter). Also you can manage own shemes

multimedia, effects, 3d sound, mouse, schemes, keyboard, sound

4dots Software Image Resizer 1.0: With this tool resizing images gets as easy as a mouse right-click.
4dots Software Image Resizer 1.0

mouse right-click. Simply select the images you want to resize in Windows Explorer , right-click with the mouse and select Send To 4dots Software Image Resizer The images will be resized and saved in the same directory of the original images. Their filenames are the same plus a suffix that is being added. You can select between three image sizes small,medium and large. You select this by right-clicking with the mouse on the 4dots Software Image Resizer

change image dimensions, image tool, dimensions, resize images, resizer, image resizer, image

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